yoga nidra for complete relaxation and stress relief

Relaxation yoga techniques

The Asana Yoga Institute understands that today world is full of stress. We offer relaxation yoga techniques which are practised by lying down on your back or sitting up with the spine straight. You will feel the stress freed from your body and mind. Relaxation is the sensation of calmness in the body and mind. The relaxation yoga technique reduces the stress response of the autonomic nervous system. As part of this response, the nervous system becomes activated in a 'fight or flight' mode in which the heart rate increases, the palms sweat, breathing becomes more rapid, the blood vessels contract and dilate faster, and so on. This, in general, increases the pain signals and pain becomes more intense. Online Relaxation yoga techniques classes offered by Asana Yoga Institute can be learned and used in everyday stressful situations to reduce tension and increase control. Relaxation will help you to: Think clearly with improved concentration. Feel calmer. Experience less pain. Improve the body function by lowering the heart rate, blood pressure, breaths per minute, and muscle tension. Enjoy a restful sleep There are no negative secondary effects to relaxation. It simply feels good and is free. It's generally recommended that you set aside a time each day to relax in a calm place. Don't choose the bed unless you are using relaxation techniques to fall asleep. Wear comfortable clothes and rest in a comfortable position. Place your complete attention on the breath and don't engage in the thoughts that come to you. Simply let them come and let them go. Act as a spectator and redirect your attention to the breath. The results of relaxation techniques will improve with regular practice. The following relaxation techniques can be used after a Yoga class, to help you to fall asleep, or simply to help you relax at any time of the day.