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Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a practice of yoga postures and breathing techniques known as pranayama used to attain the state of yoga through force or extreme practice. The word Hatha can be split as Ha meaning esoteric sun, and tha the moon. Hatha Yoga aims at balancing these two powers. At Asana online yoga classes we explain Hatha as not just a bunch of yoga postures and breathing. Hatha yoga is about studying your body mechanics, creating an environment, and utilising the asanas to let the life energy flow to the required body parts to cure the body. Hatha indicates power and is hence known as the yoga of power. So Hatha yoga can be considered as whatever you could do with the body, including: breathing techniques reciting mantras detoxing techniques Visualisation hand gestures yoga postures Advantages of Hatha Yoga Here are some major advantages of practising Hatha Yoga with Asana Yoga Institute: Solid-Body Muscles Tones Muscles Around the Spine Raised Mood Levels Further, develop Balance and Posture Arousing theKundalini Amicable Body-Mind Inspirational perspective Heart HealthHealthy Wellness