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Asana Yoga Institute is the top yoga training center with highly experienced and certified yoga instructors offering the best training for our patrons. In today's day and age, both body and mind are subjected to immense stress and pressure. People are the victims of their unhealthy lifestyles. One must understand that your body is the temple for your inner soul. The body needs to be maintained and kept toxic-free for a healthy and long life. Only a sound body can assure a sound mind. A sound mind is the foundation of happy living.

Not every medicine is the solution to your mind and body problems. practicing yoga can help you achieve the desired peaceful and healthy life. Yoga is not simply a set of physical exercises practised for a fit and flexible body. Yoga is a lifestyle in which the practitioners can live life in the most potential by living in oneness with the universe. The path to realising the lifestyle is called Yoga. Yoga helps one connect to the supreme soul, eliminate ego, have a universal view on every topic, and connect your body and mind.

Yoga ensures you are free of stress and live in a peaceful state of mind and body. Asana Yoga Institute is determined to bring this goodness to your life and help individuals reap the benefits the practice offers.

Benefits of Yoga

Asana Yoga Institute provides virtual yoga classes for our customers. We have the best timings for all the members of your family.

Our services are:

Experience of Yoga

Stress relief

Yoga encourages mental and physical relaxation, which helps reduce stress.

Pain relief

Yoga inspired routine for neck, shoulder and upper back pain relief.

Better breathing

Breathing exercises are good for the lungs and make you feel calmer.

Increased strength

It takes a lot of strength to hold your body in a balanced pose. Regular practice will strengthen the muscles

Weight management

Yoga may beTrusted Source a promising way to help with behavioral change, weight loss.

Improved circulation

The circulatory system pumps blood throughout the body delivering oxygen


Yoga of Presence can be defined as the practice to harmonize the body and the mind.

Inner peace

The practice of being helps our mind forget about doing and focus on finding the perfect inner peace